Restored by the Pen book

Restored by the Pen book

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In the pages of this book you will find stories from women, who like me, have been restored in one way or another. They reflect the life and individual journey of each woman. Some of the stories that you read will make you laugh, some will make you cry. Others, you will wonder "How did she ever make it through that?" These stories will cause you to remember your own story and what you may have gone through or been restored from. Then, after your memories have been stirred. After you have read the powerful testimonies and encouragement, it's your turn. Within the pages of this book is the chance to share your heart, write your story, reflect on what you have learned and how you have grown. If you take the opportunity to open your heart and your soul then with this book you will truly be Restored by Your Pen. PROJECT CREATOR: Jenn Ray AUTHORS INCLUDE: Jenn Ray, Ariane Nicole Castillo, Dollie Ross, Ashley Hymes Ferris, K Disha'a Walker, Tiffany Pettiford, Tamara Mason, Patricia Foxworth, Stephanie Womack, Erica Clark, Tonya Jo, Cheri Williams, Ebony Scott, Catherine Webster-Serrano, Erin Garrett.


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